The archipelagos of Tivat are composed of three islands: Prevlaka (The Isle of Flowers), Stradioti with the tourist settlement St. Mark, and Our Lady of Mercy. On this island and in all the settlements in the municipality of Tivat there are valuable buildings, the most important among which is the monastery complex on Prevlaka.

In the Middle Ages, Kotor’s noblemen built villas and family churches. Buća Luković – Villa where the Cultural Centre is situated is among the best-preserrved edifices.

Plaza Tivat Montenegro
Tivat’s Riviera

Tivat’s Riviera consists of eight beaches, which are situated right next to the town: Belana, Župa, Seljanovo, Donja Lastva, Opatovo, then the sunniest beach Plavi horizonti and two island beaches.
On the way towards Budva there is Bigov zaliv (Bigov’s Bay), with its famous mud baths.