1.Content ownership

The website www.TopEstateMontenegro.com and their entire content – text, images, audio and video material and any other materials are the property of Top Estate Montenegro, Heldenstr.42, 6800 Feldkirch, Austria, all rights reserved if not otherwise indicated.
By using this website, you agree to the general terms and conditions of use. Top Estate Montenegro reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions of use at any time and without prior notice, so that they enter into force on the day of their publication. You can be informed about changes in the terms of use only on the page – general rules and conditions of use.

2.Data protection and use

By using our website, you agree that all information and other types of data you provide will be available to anyone who is interested in them, all in accordance with the terms of use and our privacy policy. This also applies to the use of your personal contacts (e-mail, telephone, etc.) by Top Estate Montenegro for the purpose of sending notices related to the advertisement that you as an advertiser have published on our website. Your data will not be used for purposes not covered by these terms of use and our privacy policy.

Top Estate Montenegro reserves the right to change and supplement the content of advertisements submitted by users, without changing the basic meaning, and in accordance with the Law on Advertising and the adopted editorial rules.

3.User behavior

The user is responsible for the complete content that you publish on our site, as well as for the consequences that arise from it. You agree not to use our site’s service for:

-transfer any content to a website whose publication would constitute a violation of law, copyright law or other third party rights.
-offering any services for immoral, dishonest or illegal purposes.
-it is forbidden to use our website for publication or any other type of flow of material with criminal, dishonest and illegal content.
-the flow of unconstitutional and extremist material, any individuals, groups or organizations whose work is prohibited by law is prohibited.
-interfering with other users, transferring and sending SPAM emails, sending emails, advertising emails, letters and the like, as well as transmitting content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, harassing, criminal, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, violating the privacy of others , propagates hatred or is racially, ethnically and in all other ways undesirable.
-transfer of content that has programs, applications and all other types of software that disrupt, limit or harm the operation of the hardware or software of our website or other users of our services.
-placing false, falsified and incomprehensible data, as well as reporting and registering under a false identity during registration
-attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part of our website, as well as any data, network or system.
-activities that violate the privacy or property rights of others.

Top Estate Montenegro reserves the right to remove any unacceptable content from its website and to temporarily or permanently suspend users who do not comply with the rules of decency, violate the laws and general conditions, as well as for other reasons that are considered abuse.

In the event of non-compliance with these rules by you or a third party who uses or has used the services of our website through you or your account, your access will be immediately closed and disabled.

4.Copying data

The content published on our website, as well as the data on it, are protected by the Copyright Act and other applicable laws. Copying, reproduction, printing as well as supplementing all or part of the content, for commercial or advertising purposes, requires prior written permission. Any other type of copying, modification, distribution or publication of content without prior written permission is prohibited and subject to legal sanctions in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Other Laws.

5.Brand protection

“Top Estate Montenegro” is a registered and protected commercial brand. It is forbidden to use and display the trademark or logo “Top Estate Montenegro” in any sense without written permission.

6.Warranties and Limitation of Liability

Top Estate Montenegro does not give any guarantee or liability:
-for the truthfulness, content, completeness, legality, reliability or availability of information and content displayed on the website (entered by registered users)
-for the statements or conduct of any third party through our website
-for deleting, incorrectly or irresponsibly submitting all information or content, errors on the pages or for the continuous functioning of the website
-for any damage caused by accessing or downloading files, or any other content obtained through our website. By using the website, you accept full responsibility for any damage caused by information obtained through this website, for damage caused by uploading files and documents to your device and for any other type of damage caused by any what content you have accessed through our website. You agree that Top Estate Montenegro shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or primary damages, including damages for loss of profit, loss of data or other intangible losses that may arise from the use or inability to use our services.
-for all types of damages caused to anyone due to the correct or improper use of the website, as well as from other information and services obtained through links and presentations on our website.
-for improper functioning or interruption of the website caused, directly or indirectly, by natural forces or other causes beyond our control: problems with the Internet, failures of computer equipment, problems with telecommunications equipment and devices, power outages, strikes, riots, shortages of content or orders of state and other state institution.

The general rules within this website are not our views, we only forward them and we are not responsible for their content. If the user has abused the copyright of a third party, he assumes full responsibility. At the time of learning and notification of possible copyright infringement, we will delete the indicated content and it will not be published until the dispute is resolved.

Each user of our services decides on his own responsibility for the public display of any personal identification data.


In the event of any dispute that cannot be settled amicably, Top Estate Montenegro and the user shall determine the place and jurisdiction of the court.

8.Closing remarks

These general terms and conditions are governed by EU and Austrian law. The inefficiency of individual laws does not affect the remaining effectiveness of these general conditions.

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