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Bar in Montenegro

It is one of the biggest coastal towns and one of the biggest ports along the Adriatic coast and is situated at the foothill of the Mount Rumija. The port is well-connected to the mainland by the Adriatic highway and Beograd-Bar railway, and after the construction of the Sozina tunnel, Podgorica airport is also not…


Sutomore in Montenegro

It is small town at around a five-kilometre distance from Bar, Near the town there are two fortress, the Turkish one called Golo brdo and Haj Nehaj from the late Middle Ages as well as St.Tekla‘s church from the 13th Century with both Orthodox and Roman-catholic altars. Sutomore beach, 1250 meters long, is the closest…

Drobni Pijesak – Beach

Drobni Pijesak Montenegro

One can reach this beach, with its tropical appearance, by the narrow sandy path from beach of Sveti Stefan. long ago, on that beach, there was a ceremony of selecting and proclaiming a judge, every year on Vidovdan, June, 28th. In the surrounding areas of Budva, there are visible traces of the Paštrovići tribes, as…