Here are the main rules:

  • You must have a lawyer registered in Montenegro.
  • Lawyers in Montenegro work in general practice with a wide area. However, some are also specialized only in the real estate market.
  • Use an independent attorney to perform your property purchase.
  • Do not use the same attorney as the seller.
  • Try to get a recommendation from another buyer.
  • An attorney who speaks English does not necessarily have to be good.
  • Ask the lawyer what services he offers you.
  • You need to clarify with the attorney which tasks he will do for you.
    (Visit of the local authorities, various checks on the property and the seller, etc.)
  • A power of attorney for the lawyer is valid in Montenegro only if it is also ratified by a notary.
  • You can also sign a power of attorney in your own country and ratify it at the notary.
  • Think about giving the lawyer access to her Montenegrin bank account, which really makes sense. You can of course also access your account from abroad and make payments online.
  • In the attorney’s power of attorney, all permitted activities relating to the property are precisely formulated. Please note this!
  • Let prior to signing the power of attorney a court translator of their language to translate the power of attorney.
  • Keep copies of the activities, property list, contract and all other documents related to the property itself.
  • Carefully check that everything has been processed correctly.
  • Correct inconsistencies immediately.