1. Selection your favourite Real Estate on our Website.

We will give you a specific information of properties
ments by price, location, size, type of property
etc for you to consider.You can contact us via form on our website, Email or Phone.

2. Visit us in Montenegro

Once you decide, to come and visit us in Montenegro,
we will gladly help you arrange your favourite Property viewings,
advise you and give you all other necessary information.

3.Negotiating the purchase price and conditions

We manage the negotiation
process and help to achieve the desired
price and conditions suitable to both parties.

4. Signing of the reservation

Agreement and Leaving a deposit to reserve the property
Where the seller and the client agree the
terms of sale.

5.Contract and documents

A notary will be commissioned to prepare the documents,
detailed check of the documentation relating to
the property, in order to obtain a clear image
of the legal perspective of the property and to
ensure it is ready for sale.


All Contracts will be signed either by you the buyer personally or by
your appointed lawyer, once approved. Every
contract is signed and verified at a Notary office.

7.Registering in the cadastre

Registering You as the new owner in the cadastre (Ownership registry)
Once the main sales and purchase contract
is signed, and the full price of the property is
paid, the seller provides the client with a document
(locally called clausule intabulandi),
which gives the right to register the client as the
new owner of the property.