An application for a residence permit in Montenegro you can apply the following authorities:

-Ministry of Foreign Affairs
-Overseas at the Montenegrin Embassy or the Consulate.

A temporary residence permit is usually approved:
-at foreign citizens who own a property in Montenegro.
-at foreign citizens who work, study or in Montenegro wants to join her family.
-There may be other reasons that are determined by the Montenegrin and / or international laws.

The foreign citizens must provide proof that he can support himself, has health insurance (in the country of origin) and he will not be prosecuted.

Permanent residence is approved:
-if the foreign citizen has spent more than 5 years in Montenegro (with a temporary permit)
-With a Montenegrin citizen (or a foreign citizen who is permanently resident) has been married for more than three years
-has a Montenegrin origin
-Child or a close relationship with a Montenegrin citizen or a foreign citizen who has permanent residence in Montenegro.

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